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Godot's Page: July 2009

Godot's Page

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Damn you Google Translate...damn you to our sa7at

Ladies and Gentlemen (or shall I say borthers and sisters?), I give you Dr. Sabri Irbeihat, the 'Jordanian Minister of Culture', or, as he likes to put it the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Jordan?):

Lest you succumb to asphyxiation due to the lack of a cogent thought, I give you the last paragraph again… not because I am half sadistic, but because I believe in the inherent positivity attained if we all shared the same level of what the fuckness:

“Once again we invite you to participate in and enjoy the cultural advancement of the status of which are to foster our development and the pursuit of Jordan seeks to accelerate the pace of rescue.”

Centuries will have passed before civilization begins to comprehend what Irbeihat, the Jordanian Minister of Culture, truly meant when he said “…to accelerate the pace of rescue.” I salute you Minister, for I do not understand what the fuck you smoked.