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Godot's Page: On Labeling, Classifying, and Self Championing

Godot's Page

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Saturday, 27 June 2009

On Labeling, Classifying, and Self Championing

Dear Neo-Imbecile,

The sub-culture you so lackadaisically created on the milieu of rigid social norms was originally based on a yearning to do, act, dress, and believe what you like, no matter how disparaging it would be to your affluent suit donning uncle down the street. Nowadays, I find you locked in your narrow set of preferences, your style and mannerism so tightly restrained by the perception of other neo-imbeciles around you. Restrained. The word you used to justify your cessation from conventional society has finally entered the lexicon used to describe you. Armored by your insecurity, decorated with your labeling de jour, your adulation of the ‘different’ reeks with pathetic self-proclaimed elitist exclusion. You speak pejoratively of social climbing, yet you do not realize that your words are means for your own hike upon another arbitrary ladder, you hypocritical infant. You vie to discover ‘real’ folk to pacify the suspicion that you are but another banal manufactured nobody in this, most epic of cosmic jokes.
Speak to yourself in introspection once in a while; you might discover that it is all meaningless, and nothing but a counterfeit. Maybe then you will exceed the mental capacity of a sun-dried tomato. Until then, do not approach me you toxic sack of boredom.



Blogger shawermajaaj said...

That's some seriousness.

08 July, 2009  
Blogger Godot Basha said...

Still trying to figure out who I was dissing at the time.

14 July, 2009  

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