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Godot's Page: How Two A-rabs Win Their First Oscar/Grammy

Godot's Page

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

How Two A-rabs Win Their First Oscar/Grammy

In the spirit of desecrating all that is serious, and deprecating all that is dramatic, the Sandmonkey and I have embarked on a creative endeavor documenting the tales, trials and tribulation on the alpha-est of male heroines. The bastard child of James Bond and a semi-retarded Arab farm girl if you will. Born in Andalusia and thrown into the Rafah border, we give you ZOBRO – THE PALESTINIAN AVENGER!
This is what happens when great minds are independently bored at work:

me: Pali liberals dude. Ramalla is like the new Woodstock
Sam: tell me more
me: go to Ramalla now every ird thinks he’s so god damn enlightened, all they wanna do is smoke hash and shag to some vintage pink floyd psychedelic rock
its kind of awesome actually
except for the bit when they try too hard
Sam: lol
me: i might be moving there soon, i'll tell u all about it later today
Sam: listen, i will come visit if you let me kill hamas peoples
me: I always had this fantasy of wearing some chic mask gallivanting around the streets of Gaza with a pair of Desert Eagles .50, smoothly dodging katyushas and using those green clad retards as target practice
Sam: lol
I am in
me: then I'll move on to the IDF fucksticks who would be too busy cheering me on. Little do they realize, the masked Zoro of Falasteen does not discriminate, for they are all retards to him
Afterwards, I'll just give it to Jordan and Israel, as long as they give us passports, voting rights, and free HBO
Sam: u should write a novel
but don't call it zoro
call it ZEBRO
no no…ZOBRO!
i can see it
The Mask of Zobro
The Return of Zobro
me: Frank Miller's Zobro…starring Mickey Rourke… kick ass
Sam: who will be your arch nemesis?
I vote for Suha Arafat
She would have the snatch of doom
me: magharet j3eeta, full effects with bats and everything
the ghost of Yasin and an old decrepit Suha Arafat modeled pretty closely on Heather Mills
Sam: lol
Sam: and, like a proper Palestinian hero, you must have dozens of children
which would make a totally new franchise
Welad zobro
me: Lol! Of course, I will profile my character on a softer Ali Hasan Salameh, the 'playboy' drunkard and unsuspecting womanizer.
Sam: I like
Sam: Episode 4: Zobro vs. Tzipi
me: hahahaha
in a cathartic twist, a wasted Zobro shags tzipi after their chance encounter in the Hero/Villain Den Bar (our own version of Central Perk), or is it the other way around he wonders the following morning, shortly before committing Seppuku
me: Zobro has to be headstrong, hard willed, but conflicted. I could see a method actor pulling it off, maybe Josh Hartnett with a Versace hair cut


me: Dude, screenplay or pilot? I vote pilot turned movie with horrible critical reception ‘that never lived up to the series’ and a cult following thereafter
Sam: exactly what i am thinking
Sam: lets draw storyaords and plot lines
me: im so down
Sam: and have my people call ur people
me: set up a meeting somewhere and order food that’s not on the menu
Sam: it should be animated
We must be aware that we might end up getting gay Palestinians fan base of Zobro
me: I’m thinking nizo would be a fan
Sam: and they would be like "Zobro fills us up with Palestinian pride...to the hilt."
i am thinking nizo should be a frenemy
me: def
Sam: he likes Zobro, but can't have zobro
me: that should be his tagline in wiki notes
Sam: with one of them fighting his lust for another
dude, we would win an oscar
me: atleaaaaast a palm d'or

Stay tuned for the periodic bolgisodes: The Chronicles of Zobro: The Palestinian Avenger.

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Blogger shawermajaaj said...

I have only read the forst couple of lines of this post but...

How can a male be a heroine?

17 March, 2009  
Blogger shawermajaaj said...

That was jokes..

Also: why didnt you tell me about Nizo? and when I say "about" i mean:

"I enjoy freckled redheads, baklava and chiseled chins."

One word: Cancel.

17 March, 2009  

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