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Godot's Page: A Woman's Drive

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Woman's Drive

I received this forwarded email about a young woman who became a friend this morning:

“Dear friends, family and fellow Harvard students,

Recent events have made it impossible for me to ignore the horrific situation in GAZA. The continued 18-month siege has brought unfathomable and unnecessary famine and illness, and a complete collapse of Gaza's infrastructure, including the sewage treatment facilities and desalination plants critical to civilian health. The death toll is no less horrifying. In just 23 days of war, we saw the deaths of 1'285 Gazans and the injury of 4'336, over 43% of which were women and children. Despite this terrifying situation, the Egyptian and Israeli governments are still restricting the border crossings to Gaza and are severely limiting the amount of humanitarian aid that international organizations can deliver. Hamas, the local government, has taken control of the distribution of much of the incoming aid, greatly slowing its spread to the war ravaged population of the region.

I've decided I can no longer sit idly by. I AM GOING TO BE TRAVELING TO GAZA within the next week to distribute small financial allowances to the families that are suffering the most – those that have lost their homes and multiple family members in the war – so they can buy a the food and medical supplies they need to survive. Although I would prefer to simply give them food and supplies directly, border entry restrictions will not allow me to bring those vital items into the area. Instead, I will both be supporting these families financially and accompanying them to purchase the food and medicine that will keep them and their children alive and well. With JUST $2 a day they can buy the basic supplies of rice, bread, flour, sugar, that they need to survive and support their families.

THE SITUATION IS URGENT. Humanitarian aid from the Arab league, UN, and various aid organizations is taking far too long to arrive in Gaza. People are dying now, and there is a pressing need to find a temporary solution until the aid arrives. The credit infrastructure has collapsed, and families can no longer access the money they had saved in banks – ATMs have run dry as families continue to starve. Money is desperately needed and completely inaccessible. Gazans have no ability to leave Gaza to procure anything and therefore I think that my ability to try to provide even the smallest amount of relief is extremely important.

I am not writing to pressure anyone into feeling the need to donate if you do not have the ability (as a recent graduate myself, I can understand being in that position). Instead, I am writing to express my horror at the crimes that were carried out in December and January, and to try to do whatever I can to help the people of Gaza in the only tangible way I can. This is not motivated by my political beliefs -- this is a plea for humanity's sake, for each of us as human beings to do what we can to reduce the suffering of innocent people that have no way of providing for their own families and desperately need food and medical supplies.

My experiences opening schools in Afghanistan have provided me with invaluable skills that I will draw from to ensure the success of this endeavor. I raised over $50,000 and supported the opening of four schools as well as two educational programs in Kabul and the surrounding area. All of these programs are still running today. If you would like to contribute, below are the banking details of my charity account and I will follow up your donation (even $1 is appreciated) with pictures of the families you are helping, and a thank you on behalf of people that appreciate any help that we can give.

IF YOU NEED ANY MORE INFORMATION, wish to ask any questions, I am happy to clarify anything. Below is some more statistical information about what the Gazans need right now. I have one real request, not to contribute, I leave that up to you to decide. But I beg you to forward this email as widely as possible so that even if this does not seem like something that you want to support, you might have a friend that will.

Bank of America
414 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA - (800) 841-4000
Swift code: BOFAUS3N
Routing number (electronic/direct deposit): 011000138
Routing number (wire transfer): 026009593
name: Belkis Wille
Acc.: 009503512260

Zuercher Kantonalbank
Belkis Wille
8010 Zurich
Acc.: 1127-0065.017
Iban: CH78 0070 0112 7000 65017

Belkis Wille

Sadly, more Europeans are helping out on the humanitarian front compared to Arabs. Support Belkis on her mission, she is a person who truly cares and does not have time for meaningless propaganda. I admire her courage and wish her luck and safety. Godspeed Belkis.

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