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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I, Analogue - Leave Me Alone

My vinyl collection tells me that I am somewhat nostalgic to the hey day of the analogue fantastic, but there is something eerie about this article somewhere between the lines. First off, I don't like how new technology is putting the smart guys and the intellectually challenged closer to parity, and I do understand that naturally, in the long run, the smarter guys should be able to manipulate said technology to regain their proverbial 'lead'. But that implies a new definition of smart doesn't it?

Back to the article, the data banks mentioned will not affect your life a la 'Eagle Eye,' but don't you feel a loss of character, uniqueness and mystique if businesses knew more about you that you probably do, put you in a massive pool of data with other numerically coded nameless meta-strangers, then transmitted that data in small digital parcels to marketers, telecommunicators, monitors, data bankers, and a host of other 'ers' and 'ors'? Is this the Brick in The Wall of our generation? What's next, does the business model move to a personal one? Think of dating, companies recommending who your friends should be, what food you should eat, what pets you should keep...they've already started that based on the idea of 'common friends', but its only a matter of time until preferences, common friends, venue, locale and other factors enter the decision matrix. Sounds a bit paternalistic, and eats away from the whole life experience journey our sweet grannies told us about. Sometimes I feel like moving to a place that doesn't show up on a stupid GPS. Take a gander, its really worth a read.

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