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Godot's Page: ...but is the joke on us?? Hmmm...

Godot's Page

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

...but is the joke on us?? Hmmm...

Oh the parallel universe that is Saudi. The mind wonders if I really want to see them graduating from their stone-age existence to something a bit less offensive. Where else could I possibly look for such high quality material? In fact, I often wonder if this type of behavior is their idea of some elaborate cosmic joke being perpetrated on the universe. It seems as though their logic (dare I use that word) follows the ‘how much more ridiculous can we get?’ trajectory. "Oh wait, I know, listen to this boys, lingerie can only be sold to women by men, there will be no dressing rooms, no public toilets nearby, and hmmm let me see, you have to send pictures to the Mutawa'a so they can approve the image you present your husband with! That’s it! Those Europeans will have a cow after that one." No Reem, no! "We the consumers are" NOT the final decision makers, God is you dumb bitch! Jesus woman, stop insulting the name of Islam or I'll have Mo and the 46 dwarfs over there show you the path of righteousness. And by Joseph, do they leave you stained before you get tossed in jail to lament all possible meanings of the word justice !”

I present you with Saudi endeavors in Mathematics for your examination:
Definition of Tawazi (parallel lines): Khattan mutawaziyan, la yaltakkiyan, ila bi 2ithn ilLahi ta3ala.
(Translation: two lines, that do not cross, diverge, nor converge, unless God wills them to do so).

Dare I say more? How can you miss the glaring comical genius in the above? I am therefore inclined to think that the Saudis are, in fact, ahead of us on the humor learning curve.


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