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Godot's Page: November 2008

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Divided they Fell – One Black Man to Rule Them All

For 8 years and 2 elections now, American sociopolitical discourse on a micro level has been on sabbatical. You are either Blue or Red. Political, economic and social discussions took an inter-party forum rather than a cross-party forum. Yesterday, the color configuration of the interactive electoral map showed that Obama might be the one to restart the discourse. New Hampshire, Iowa, New Mexico, Florida, and Ohio (the state that has voted Republican since Lincoln) took an unfamiliar blue color as votes were wringed in. It is high time for Blue and Red to engage in a civil conversation and let the outcome decide the strength of each party…Democracies are built on persuasion and the presentation of ideas.

Obama would do well not to shift America too far into the left. Listening to his speech, one would attain the comfort that atleast he is willing to work with Mr McCain and not isolate the Republican right. The converse is the trap that Bush fell into, and you can only imagine how the history books have started to note down his legacy.