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Godot's Page: Havoc – Just another day in Lebanon

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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Havoc – Just another day in Lebanon

By now, news outlets have lessened the hemorrhaging of reports and analyses of the situation in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s potential grip on Lebanon has long been known albeit seldom tested. Notwithstanding the common perception on control, it is still astounding to see how little resistance Hezbollah faces in occupying West Beirut. They might as well be doing it with bb guns and water pistols. What is scarier than a minority that can drag an entire country into war? Oh, I know, it is having political lightweights at the helm of what the West deems to be a legitimate body. Fair enough, the religious zealot will use any ridiculous excuse to flex his muscles, atleast this time he tested the threshold of absurdity by saying “touch my telecom cables and I’ll take this country back to the mid 1970’s.” Slight over reaction, but still an opportunity to show his might. Disgustingly, you can’t but help thinking that atleast he doesn’t cover it up with some politically correct convolution. I am not a Hezbollah supporter, mainly because it is a religious entity, but no one can deny Hasan's charisma and leadership.

So what’s May 14’s response to this breach? “It was a misunderstanding.” Come again? What the fuck is that? Is that it? Misunderstanding? Grow a pair, you are responsible for your government's actions.

What a failure to his father’s legacy this guy has been. In the war of religious sectarianism and secular unification, Hezbollah has won all rounds thus far. I do not posses the intellectual prowess to accurately convey my disbelief at how weak this Lebanese mainstream is. Suffice it to say that in my mind, we have reached a new level of what the fuckness.



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