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Godot's Page: The plagues of pegs -Part 2

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

The plagues of pegs -Part 2

Apart from the inflationary pressures coming in from the rising global commodity prices, Jordanians need to start accepting the fact that the government cannot sustain the current subsidies it has on oil and oil derivatives. That's why most of the statistics you see on the region are significantly deflated. Obviously the collapse of the Baathist regime in Iraq reduced the subsidies, but we're still pretty reliant on them. I remember about 10 years ago when the prime minister at the time (Kabariti) raised the prices of bread, Amman was up in arms with riots, civil disobedience, and other fun Arab past times...I wonder how it would be like when they lift oil subsidies. The takeaway is that statisticians should really adjust for that sort of shit, people would be more akin to accepting the inevitable.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree. They'll do that soon. Step by step though... anything to keep the sheep quiet.

29 March, 2008  

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