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Godot's Page: March 2008

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Monday, 17 March 2008

The Bear and the Becks

Today, Bear Stearns was bought by JP Morgan fro $2/share, or $236 million.
While it is clear that they were really acquiring the prime brokerage division, it is interesting to note that the LA Galaxy purchased Becks for about $260 million. hmm...1 David Beckham is worth more than a 1 big wall street player. Love entertainment.

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Friday, 14 March 2008

The Visor Technique

In an effort to convince myself that my ageing organs can keep up with my immature habits, I decided to go out on Wednesday night in pursuit of my hot building manager/landlady. With the global housing boom came the Starbucks phenomenon – at least one real estate agent per street corner hiring cute 20-somthings to sell/lease the ever growing surplus of flats in London. I digress. This chick was flirting with me as I was signing the lease termination agreement and I asked her out for a drink on Wednesday night of all nights. My friend K and I agreed to be in the same venue to incite a ‘coincidental’ meeting in case things got boring with our respective dates. Making a long story short, cute building manager and I conversed beautifully and proceeded back to mine to continue our ‘discourse’ etc…3 hours later, I found myself extrapolating the number of drinks I consumed that would induce such a terrible hangover whilst lamenting the misery of the day that lay ahead. 15 hours of hangover nursing in an investment bank is not a pleasant thought people.

Around noon, I couldn’t take it any more; I was dizzy, irritable, exhausted, and overwhelmed with work. Enter the Visor Method: I took a bunch of presentation papers and a few excel output sheets and went to the nearest conference room. Closed the door, sat on the chair facing the wall and spread the papers randomly so as to create a chaotic order type look to the unsuspecting passer-by. My thumb tips pressed on my cheek-bones and the rest of my fingers on my forehead creating a visor type pose. With that, an onlooker would not be able to see my eyes from any position in the room. With that in mind, I passed out for a good hour. I am officially the world’s worst banker. Obviously managing directors patted me on the back for being able to ‘zone out of the hustle and bustle of the office’ to ‘concentrate on the essential diligence at hand.’ Fuckin morons. The moral of this story is that the visor technique works in theory and in practice, try it the next time you feel like death. You can add muted earphones to the look in order to justify your sleep induced deafness.

In hindsight, the story behind the shag was definitely worth the hang-over.


Blah blah blah...

Comical genius courtesy of The Onion. Snippet below.

"A certain number of U.S. troops were also killed somewhere in some tragic fashion, while a much greater number were wounded. Meanwhile, impoverished or oppressed supporters of whichever faction carried out the attack or ambush probably celebrated, angering an angry U.S. public that is already angry. Locals are calling for an investigation into excessive force or outright corruption by military or political officials on one of the 15 sides of the various conflicts, although the implicated party has categorically denied wrongdoing, just like they always do, without fail, every time this happens, which is daily, it seems.
And in Afghanistan, the Taliban.
In Israel, Palestinians and Israelis escalated tensions and so on and so on ad infinitum, ad eternum, and some say, ad absurdum, and although Hamas released a statement condemning Israeli forces for the resulting civilian deaths, Israeli officials say the teens were armed with rocket launchers, though it doesn't really matter."

I love The Onion.


Thursday, 13 March 2008

If its on the internet, its official

Mark Neff is a fuckin loser. There you have it Mark, its official.

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The plagues of pegs -Part 2

Apart from the inflationary pressures coming in from the rising global commodity prices, Jordanians need to start accepting the fact that the government cannot sustain the current subsidies it has on oil and oil derivatives. That's why most of the statistics you see on the region are significantly deflated. Obviously the collapse of the Baathist regime in Iraq reduced the subsidies, but we're still pretty reliant on them. I remember about 10 years ago when the prime minister at the time (Kabariti) raised the prices of bread, Amman was up in arms with riots, civil disobedience, and other fun Arab past times...I wonder how it would be like when they lift oil subsidies. The takeaway is that statisticians should really adjust for that sort of shit, people would be more akin to accepting the inevitable.