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Godot's Page: February 2008

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Friday, 22 February 2008

The plagues of pegs -Part 1

Rising global commodity prices are driving inflationary pressures in the Middle East. That is hardly an enlightening statement. What is in fact interesting about the region is the sustained indirect faith in the Dollar as a hard currency. Although central banks are diversifying their foreign reserves by buying other currencies such as the GBP, CHF, and Yen, there is still an over reliance on the Dollar by way of pegging.

The weakening US Dollar is making life more expensive for countries such as Jordan and the UAE by decreasing their purchasing power. It is interesting to note that I’ve heard several debates among UAE-ers about whether or not to lift the peg…none such discussions were overheard in Jordan - surprise, surprise (interestingly enough, bitching about inflation was more abundant in Jordan than the UAE, but hey, Jordanians only talk about problems, not solutions).

As a famous Lebanese wise guy once put it:
“Ana ma baddi problems habibi, ana baddi solutions!”


Monday, 11 February 2008

Too much love people, unacceptable!

In an effort to curb another western toxin, Saudi Arabia’s religious police have banned scarlet roses!! Saudi wants to steer its inhabitants towards a different medium of expressing love. Perhaps something like this?

There's too much love floating around these days, scales are tipped, what happened to hate and struggle? Thats our identity as a people isn't it?

The ever-so abundant joys of being a theocratic nation never cease to amaze me. Let’s ban the colour red today. Fuckin ludicrous.


A Geek's Formula

As much as I admire applied sciences, this seems to go a step too far.
Worthy of the reading time nonetheless. Maybe people would begin to realize that they are inherently irrational.


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

This is cool...

I love AI... Try the classic one, its cool.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Empirical proof of Arabian Idiocy

Its official, Arabs are morons. Adding to the grimness of this headline is the fact that 60% of the Arab population is under 30. Meaning the vapidity of our workforce is bound to increase as older employees fall out of the workforce. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, try to link our sustainability to petrodollars and extrapolate.
Neither Phelps nor Friedman would buy into the idea that our natural rate of unemployment is at 14%. What is going to happen when commodity subsidies are lifted and inflation soars? I’ll tell you: nominal minimum wages are going to increase, creating a bigger unemployment problem. Absent any structural rigidity, this is the worst possible scenario the Phillips Curve Theorem suggests – a forward shift in the curve.

More importantly, as if the label ‘terrorist’ was not enough for a stereotype, now we have to deal with ‘daft simpleton’ as well…fuck.

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Superbowl Ads

Superbowl ads courtesy of myspace. Personal favourites include the Audi Godfather spoof, and ofcourse, the Will Ferrell Bud Light ad.