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Godot's Page: December 2007

Godot's Page

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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Semi First Post

I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time, it actually feels somewhat strange that I’ve overcome my inherent procrastination and finally got to it. I guess a formal introduction is mundanely appropriate.

I was born and raised in the Middle East where I spent most of my earlier years.
I spent the past year and half in Europe working for a big multi-national earning a big paycheck and watching my wits erode. The 5 years before that I spent between various cities on the East coast in the USofA where I did my undergrad and worked for about year thereafter.

An existentialist enthusiast, I am a cynic, and unless I state otherwise, you should assume that I dont like you.

As implied in the opener, I am the classic underachiever; I always hear of my potential and am constantly being lectured about ‘realizing full scope of my talents’. I find it strange that those doing the talking are generally less accomplished.

This page is obviously more interesting for me than it is for you since its main function in life is to provide me with a medium to vent my frustrations caused by the inanity that confronts me on a daily basis... from current events to the mentally challenged. I guess it would be interesting for you to get a glimpse of that small fraction of privileged Middle Easterners who pride themselves on being liberal, offering a witty solution to the obtuse.


The Manifesto, with a semi foreword

This blog will have no foreword. In fact, the preceding sentence is all it will get until a worthy individual is granted the privilege.

The manifesto of this blog is set forth in the following simple charter:

Article 1: The writer of this blog is very moody, opinionated, and arrogant (hence the blog). Please be weary of your arguments.

Article 2: The writer is an economist at heart and an eternal Adam Smith groupie . If you wish to share your affection for Marx, please do so on a philosophical platform, as I will gladly agree. If you are otherwise impressed by the economic applications of Marx, please go here instead.

Article 3: This blog will meander in topic; there is no central theme, although most articles will revolve around idiocy of my fellow man, specifically in the Middle East.

Article 4: Comments will be moderated from time to time. Although the writer is a stark proponent of free speech, the writer believes that certain conditions must be met before that right is granted. Idiotic comments will be left unscathed for purposes of entertainment, whereas mindless propaganda in the form of articles and advertisements will be purged, and the culprit forevermore on my oh-so-growing shitlist.

Article 5: The Manifesto sets forth certain guidelines to which the writer reserves the right not to adhere to. You, the reader on the other hand, do not have that luxury. If this article bothers you, please feel free to fuck off.